Reduce Your Reliance on Outsourcing with a CNC Cutting Machine

Reduce Your Reliance on Outsourcing with a CNC Cutting Machine in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, or Sydney in Australia

The goal of any company is to maximise profit margins and boost revenues. Regardless of industry, market, product, or service, this push for profit is universal. In the manufacturing sector, though, so many businesses continue to outsource key functions of their process. While outsourcing can certainly help keep profit margins healthy to a certain extent, it can do more harm than good in the long run.

Multicam Systems: A Popular Source for CNC Cutting Machines in Australia

A big reason that outsourcing is so common in the manufacturing industry is that many companies—especially smaller, younger businesses—do not have CNC machines. CNC machining is an extremely effective way to expedite the manufacturing process and ensure consistency and quality with all products. At Multicam Systems, we sell CNC cutting machines in Australia. Companies around the country rely on our machines for cutting, processing, and working wood, metal, plastic, and more.

If you are outsourcing your CNC machining needs to a third-party company, there is a chance that they are using a Multicam Systems machine. We have been in business since the early 1980s and have offices in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland. We serve markets nationwide, which means that businesses looking for CNC cutting machines in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or other prime areas often count on us. Similarly, if you are in the market to buy a CNC cutting machine, we can sell it to you—no matter where in Australia your business is based.

To Outsource or Buy? Which Option Is Right for You?

If you need a CNC cutting machine in Sydney or Newcastle, you have two basic options: you can outsource, or you can buy.

Companies that offer outsourced CNC machining want you to think that they are offering the cheaper and more convenient option. After all, when you outsource, you don’t have to make the upfront equipment investment that buying a CNC machine represents. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance or equipment repairs, or about hiring or training personnel who are qualified to operate the CNC machine.

These points are all valid, and they explain why smaller or more recently established businesses often go the outsourcing route for key parts of their manufacturing process. As your business grows and your bandwidth expands, though, you want to think about buying a CNC cutting machine for your Melbourne or Brisbane business. Simply put, outsourcing is not scalable. As you become more and more reliant on your third-party machining providers, your profit margins are going to continue to suffer.

When you buy your own CNC machine, you do need to make a hefty upfront investment. Once you have it, though, you can scale your production load as needed, build up a skilled workforce that is entirely self-sufficient and cut outsourcing costs out of your budget. In the short term, this option will cost you more money. In the long run, though, it will expand your profit margins and help you become a bigger and more robust company while also maximising your revenues. Simply put, buying the equipment you need is always better for the future health of your company than continuing to outsource to another company.

Stop relying on competitors for your manufacturing needs. Instead, work with Multicam Systems to purchase a brand-new CNC cutting machine in Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started.