CNC Router Machines for Any Australian Business in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and Sydney

CNC Router Machines for Any Australian Business in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and Sydney

As a major supplier of CNC router machines across Australia from Brisbane to Perth, Multicam offers lasting router solutions to a wide variety of industries. We’ve seen just about everything these machines can do, having worked with woodworkers, sign makers, mould makers, HVAC manufacturers, and educators. In every case, we find that businesses that switch to these high-quality Australian made machines notice the difference right away.

Our focus is always on quality and support. Not only are these businesses getting well-made machines that adhere to our strict quality and safety standards but our team is available to support in maintaining and updating them as relevant. When we manufacture these CNC router machines in Newcastle, we’re continuously thinking of new ways to innovate. Every industry we provide machinery for has been changing quickly in recent years. As new electronic and visual technology becomes available, we’ve woven it seamlessly into our familiar CNC systems.

We recently displayed our CNC router machines at a Melbourne trade show for the sign, display, and printing industries -- the Visual Impact show. The new Multicam Vision System on display was very well received. It provides a perfect solution for print-to-cut applications with an automatic adjustment system that prevents shrinking, skew, and stretch.

Better CNC Router Machines for Brisbane and Sydney Businesses

These high-tech features are just one of the reasons that Australian businesses buy from Multicam. Our focus on quality and versatility means that the machines we create will last longer and produce more. In today’s increasingly overlapping manufacturing world, the ability to change functions is increasingly in demand. Our router machines are made with this need in mind, and while you might start out thinking you’ll only use the machine you buy for your current projects, you’ll find the flexibility enables you to do so much more.

That means that when you order a CNC router machine for your Sydney business, you’re not just making it easier to continue with your current business, you’re investing in your ability to expand into larger volumes and even other applications. Since our skilled technicians are so close, learning how to operate your CNC router in a new way is straightforward and easy. When JL Cabinets switched to Multicam CNC routers in response to a greater volume of contracts, they could put over six hundred kitchens crafted with Multicam CNC router machines in Sydney homes in just twelve months.

A Variety of CNC Router Machines Available from Perth to Melbourne

Multicam CNC routers are used to process all sorts of flat sheet products. From whiteboard to timber, and even aluminium, our machines are used in countless industries. At last count, we’ve provided over 3,000 pieces of equipment to Australian businesses across the country. From HVAC companies in Perth to sign makers in Newcastle, we support them all.

These include such a range of applications as kitchen manufacture, cabinet making, timber door manufacture, plastic engineering, and motorhome manufacture. No matter what industry you work in, however, a Multicam CNC router is going to streamline your process, cut down on hand labour, and deliver consistent results. We’re proud to supply businesses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, and beyond.