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Some products aren't suited to routering. Multicam knife cutting heads enable you to cut plastics, foam, gasket materials, insulation products, cardboard, magnetic sheet and more. Unique oscillating and non-oscillation cutting with tangential control gives outstanding results at high cutting rates.

Knife cutting cardboard with a tangential knife head Knife cutting 3mm corflute with a tangential knife head Knife cutting magnetic sheet Knife cutting 6mm corflute with an oscillating/tangential knife head
Knifing 60mm foil backed insulation material Knife cutting plastic sheet Knife Cutting 100mm Foam Knife Cutting 10mm Stacked Foam
Knife Cutting 10mm Foam Knife Cutting 25mm Insulation Knife Cutting 6mm Black Gasket Knife Cutting 6mm White Gasket
Knife Cutting Graphite Impregnated Gasket Material Knife Cutting 3mm Rubber Gasket Material 45deg Knife Cutting X-Board to form a box    

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